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Audio Assault Dirt Machine

This is actually a pedal plugin and if you know anyone at HASR you will know that we all like to hoard pedal plugins. Let’s go!
Version reviewed

Score: 4.5 / 5

** TOP PICK **


Audio Assault kicked my ass with the Grind Machine 2 and it seems this plugin had the same graphic designer as the GM2. At first I thought this would be an amp sim because the name suggests it’s maybe a lower gain multi amp plugin like the Grind Machine.


As I mentioned, the dirt machine looks like the grind machine 2. It has a very similar layout and graphics are near identical. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of the graphics. I just wonder why they don’t employ the same high level graphics with the other amp sims. Their processing effects also look really nice so you would think the amp sims would have the same detail.

The plugin is set up as a bunch of pedal plugins inside a single plugin where you switch pedals like you would switch presets on a sim. I really prefer this layout and setup opposed to having a whole bunch of separate plugins.

In the box you get 11 pedals and one acoustic simulator. The pedals are a mix of boost, distortion, fuzz and muff pedals. Check the product link for a complete list of the pedals included. My favourites of the bunch are the Dead Pony (Dead horse), Huge Muff, Huge Muff Wick and Crayola pedals. Audio Assault put their own spin on most things and most of the pedals seem to have had some alterations. I like every pedal in the Dirt Machine, there are no weak links.

The plugin includes an onboard gate and they give you a 3-band EQ for every pedal. Stuff like this really makes me a fan of Audio Assault because while I do love authenticity and attention to detail, everyone over here appreciates a little Frankensteining or modding to even the most classic gear when it’s done right. In this case everything was done very well.

Bass players, check this pedal out! It can really be a great tool for bass as well. It can add a lot of punch, it can also help the mids cut through if you need to. Everyone at HASR got great results with it on bass.


Huge fan of this pedal plugin and it’s a go to for everyone at HASR for tracking as well as support during reviews. It even sounded cool when I tossed it on vocals for a little extra bite on some backing screams.

No brainer here, it’s a HASR TOP PICK and a great tool for the tool box.

Please be sure to check out the review for the Grind Machine 2!