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Audio Assault Bulldozer

Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)


The Bulldozer is a single amp suite that comes along with a nice assortment of pedals and other components to shape the tone. Audio Assault products always carry more than affordable prices but the quality can differ significantly from product to product.


The graphics are simple but decent. Off the hop I gather the dozer is either a straight up rectifier or at least partially rectifier but it’s missing a lot of the Mesa signature crunch and unique tonal qualities so I could be wrong on that one. I think it’s more likely that it’s a Franken-amp type plugin where the developer has merged a couple amps.

The pedals AA includes with the Dominator, Bulldozer and Emperor are all great offerings. They include a TS, boost, modulation and more. The workflow and layout are also fast and easy to use.

I put a little time into cleaning up the tone with EQ and a few other processing plugins. There’s a pick attack sound that I can’t quite seem to get rid of. The amp sounds ok but it did require a good amount of processing to get to where I wanted. The tone doesn’t have a whole lot of character but I did find a solid use for it when I started building a Rammstein or German industrial metal type tone.

Every amp sim with a built in impulse loader needs a one click way to turn the loader off rather than having to use the drop down menu and so on. The impulses included are pretty decent but I did find the amp sounded better when I reached for my own impulse loader and impulses.

With processing and bypassing I got a pretty chunky tone but overall, this plugin is just in the average range. The price is crazy cheap however so if you are looking for a whole bunch of new toys, Audio Assault has routine sales where they put everything on for next to nothing.


It’s a decent looking but average sounding sim. The price is VERY affordable and I mean insanely cheap for what you get. You can get some chunky driven tones out of the Bulldozer that would work on decent recordings. It’s not professional quality but it’s a fun amp suite to play around with.

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