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Audified Amplion Pro

I believe every home studio or guitar software enthusiast should have at least one fun multi amp Swiss army knife plugin.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.1.3)


I always have fun testing and reviewing multi-amp suites so I always look forward to even the older ones like this. The pedals it comes with are from the first Multi-drive pedal plugin which I enjoyed so I knew it had that going for it right away. I have seen this plugin floating around for years but just never pulled the trigger for whatever reason. It’s nice to finally get to try it.


The graphics and layout are kind of dated. I don’t really care for the workflow but it’s not awful in that regard. I don’t judge plugins for a lack of graphics but I will pass judgment on bad graphics and layouts. The faded red color bothers my eyes a lot. I wish there was an option to change the red to black. When sitting for hours tweaking with a sim, if it’s hard to look at, it’s points off for me.

Amplion Pro packs a pretty good list of features. You get Fender, Engl, Mesa, Marshall amps, and a nice haul of drive, boost, distortion, modulation and delay pedals. On the surface, it might be ugly but the clean tones coming out of the Fender amps are gorgeous. The crunch tones sound incredible and you can get on or two workable high gain tones.

The impulses aren’t my favorite. I didn’t feel they really matched or meshed well with the amps in the suite. I noticed a huge change in the warmth and presence of the tone when I bypassed the Amplion loader for my own impulses. It was like I’d switched a bright switch on. From there the experience changed significantly, I went back did the whole review over.


Amplion pro’s dated looks are a deterrent but the tones are pretty good. The tones get better when you bypass the onboard loader for your own impulses. The pedals and amp sims in the plugin have absolutely held up over time.

Another deterrent is that Audified have the plugin at $99USD, which is very high for as old as the plugin is and with companies putting out higher quality sims for much less. If Audified doesn’t have plans for a new amp suite any time soon I believe they could do really well in today’s market with Amplion Pro if they were to give it a graphics update, higher quality impulses and made the price a bit more reasonable. They clearly have some amazing graphics people involved now so why not? If that happens, Amplion Pro scores much better but for now, it’ll have to be a bit lower.

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